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The siege at the US Capitol has done more than shake faith in democracy–it’s opened the door to an onslaught of accusations against Christian America. Major media has been taking aim at Christians in recent headlines, and it’s not fair.

Major media taking aim at Christian America

Recent political events–doubt over the election results, censorship of conservatives on social media, and the storming of the US Capitol by protesters, some of whom waived Christian flags and prayed–has offered an opportunity for those who view Christianity unfavorably to levy accusations.

Among the allegations and insinuations about the nature of Christians are that they are all white supremacists, Trump supporters, racists, bigoted, religious extremists and more. It is within this milieu that major media is doling out recriminations, generalizing and stereotyping. They are doing this for the sake of headline-grabbing controversies, which are filled with speculations, exaggerations, misrepresentations and falsehoods.

Here’s a dose of how mainstream media has been portraying Christians in the past two weeks…

False link: Christianity and white supremacy

One of the narratives that major media outlets are proposing is the theory Christians are mostly white supremacists. At the forefront of this false narrative is Time Magazine. They ran a pair of headlines to the same article, the first being: “White Supremacy Runs Deep in White American Christianity” and “White American Christianity Needs to Be Honest About Its History of White Supremacy.”

The article purports the idea that those who siege the US capitol are representative of American Christianity. It mocks those who say otherwise. Time wrote: “… statements from Christian leaders trying to distance themselves from the violent mob at the Capitol. Christian writers known for their thoughtfulness lament that “somehow” white supremacy has crept into our churches, and the faculty of a major evangelical institution put out a manifesto saying that the events at the Capitol ‘bear absolutely no resemblance to’ the Christianity they teach. That mob, they’re telling us, is a fringe element. They’ve radically misunderstood the real message of American Christianity. This could not be further from the truth.”

But it is actually this article in time that is indeed far from the truth. Here’s why…

According to a study undertaken by the Pew Research Center, by many measures, African-Americans are more religious than whites or Latinos in every important category.

Of American adults those who say they believe in God with absolute certainty, 83 percent are black compared to only 61 percent of whites and 59 percent of Latinos.

Los Angeles Times op-ed declares Christian America to be dying out

The latest op-ed in the Los Angeles Times “The ferocious last gasps of the religion of Christian America” is one of many coming declaring the end of Christianity in America.

In the article, the author singles out religious denominations that are likely to belong to the National Council of Churches, as well as more fundamentalist groups, alleging that this brand of religion “implicitly promotes two other forms of cultural and political power — whiteness and patriarchy.” Further, the article alleges that “Christian America focuses squarely on preserving the privilege and power that their earlier dominance had afforded them. They are determined to block women, people of color, immigrants, gays, transgender people and others marginalized for most of American history from attaining the status they think is reserved for them.”

Again, like so many others in mainstream media, the author of this article ignores the statistical data that repeatedly proves Black and Brown people, by far, are more devout than Whites. Here are the facts

Pew Research Center studies on religious African-Americans show that the majority of Christians in America are Black (79% of Blacks compared to 70% of Whites and 77% of Hispanics) and only a simple majority of all Blacks (51%) support gay marriage and only 43% of Black Protestants support same-sex marriage.

False narrative: Christian = Trump supporter = bad

Another angle mainstream media is trying to play to the detriment of Christians is to throw them all in the basket of being Trump supporters, which by definition, casts them in an unfavorable light.

As so many articles of late, this also excoriates Christians as being white supremacist, racists, nationalists and religious extremists.

The BBC offered an article entitled: “Trump’s Christian supporters and the march on the Capitol.”

The main gist of the article purports: “Christian nationalism merges Christian identity with national identity: to be American is to be Christian.”

The article spoke of protesters carrying a wooden cross, Jesus fish signs, and so-called Christian flags. The article said these protesters saw Trump as “their Savior” who was “defending Christians from secularists.” It claimed that “seeing religious symbols alongside Confederate flags was shocking.”

The article critiqued Catholics for refusing to see President elect Joe Biden as a “real” Christian because of his support for abortion and LGBT rights.

Next, it ridiculed Christians for promoting audit declared our false conspiracy theories, and particular, that it was the loose-knit left-wing antifa activists masquerading as Trump supporters who led the riot. But that was no conspiracy, it is a fact.

However, a leftist activist, John Sullivan, of Utah, was arrested and charged this week for civil disorder, disorderly conduct, and entering a restricted building without authority. More involvement by leftists may ultimately be uncovered.