More Churches and Christian Gatherings Stopped, While Allowing Rioting


While city, state, and federal government leaders allow widespread protests, rioting to occur with little resistance, churches are being forced to shutter and religious organizations attempting to hold services are being fined thousands per day.

In cities across the nation, but particularly in Democrat-led jurisdictions, strong measures have been enacted which have shut down in-person gatherings at churches, even those wanting to hold socially-distanced outdoor services.

Charges of bias and hypocrisy have been leveled at leaders, who in the same municipalities where church services are banned, officials seemingly do nothing to stop the protesting, looting, and violent rioting that is occurring.

Government shutters churches, while protests go on unopposed

The lockdown of churches as been of the most hotly debated items during the coronavirus pandemic. Churches are being fined thousands of dollars for gatherings right now, and even being removed from their places of worship.

Over the weekend, Christian worshipers were kicked out of a Seattle Park, while protests in the city turned violent when police were attacked. Over 300 rioters tossed Molotov cocktails, rocks, bottles, and had homemade explosives. Police made 22 arrests, the Post-Millennial reported.

Sean Feucht, founder of Hold The Line and organizer of the “Let Us Worship” rally said they were shut down by what he called the “godless politicians” of Seattle who stopped Christians while allowing Antifa rioting in the city. Feucht told Fox & Friends the group used a technicality to hold a worship rally on Labor Day.

“It was pretty easy,” Feucht explained. “We just pivoted and called it a worship protest, so now technically, it’s legal and we went to the streets

Northern California church owes $60,000, being charged $5000 per day

Authorities snuck into North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California, and video recorded worshipers singing. Santa Clara public health officials decreed the singing as “unlawful activity” and sent an order for the church to “immediately cease” warning “failure to do so will result in enforcement action by the county.”

The county began fining the church $5000 per day, regardless of whether or not they met in person. The fees owed have now reached $60,000.

“Government: it must stop,” senior pastor Jack Trieber said in a video that has now gone viral, accumulating millions of views due to outrage over the local government overreach. “It cannot continue this way,” Trieber complained in the video, urging the county to “back off.”

Appealing to the Bill of Rights, the pastor argued that the county government is overstepping its legal boundaries.

Church being charged for existing

Associate pastor Justin Cooper told the Daily Wire the church is being charged “$5000 per day – not days that we meet, but just days that we exist.”

LA County terminates lease of parking lot to force closure of John MacArthur’s church

In another legal battle, famed pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, has been battling Los Angeles County officials for months, having disobeyed the city’s coronavirus lockdown order against church gatherings.

Los Angeles Superior Court judges repeatedly ruled in the church’s favor, saying there was no court order in existence prohibiting the church from gathering in person.

However, LA County found another angle, apparently dead set on finding another way to shutter the church. The church’s attorney called it “retaliation” for its court victory in exercising its constitutional rights.

As it turns out, Grace Community Church has been leasing a large part of its parking lot from Los Angeles County for forty-five years. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works sent a letter, dated August 28, giving the church 30 days’ notice that it was ending the lease, the Daily Wire reported. Any property still in the parking lot by October 1 will be compensated, the letter said.