Finding (and Keeping) Love in a Tight Space


Your spouse may be your best friend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to spend every minute in their company. Unfortunately for many of us, this is an unavoidable reality during this pandemic lock-down.

Depending on the size of your house, there probably aren’t a lot of places to go for some alone time, even for a few minutes. Adding kids or extended families to that, only makes the problem worse. So, how can you keep yourself and your partner from going crazy?

Look to the Lord, As Always

The Lord teaches us to be one with our partner. When we are united in marriage, two become one. “…a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh,” (Genesis 2:24). Remember, you are in this together. Stay united, in your focus, your priorities, and your faith.

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Keep praying. God gives us peace and understanding through prayer. If you find yourself anxious and unable to feel whole with your partner, pray alone for guidance. Pray together as a family. Turn to the Bible for answers on how to make your family more whole. Place yourself and your whole family in God’s hands.

Communicate. It’s essential to communicate at the best of times so there are no hidden hurts and frustrated feelings. It’s even MORE important to communicate now when you are together so much of the time.

Make Your Needs Known

The limited space may make it difficult to go off and process your feelings alone before you come to your partner for discussion. This can make tempers flare, and lead to things being said in anger that you later regret.

If you need mental space, ask for it. That may mean some time alone in the bedroom, or the basement, or the garage, or even sitting out in your car. Let your spouse know that you need this time alone to pray. When you are in tune with God, you can be in tune with your own feelings. You will now be able to speak calmly without a dark cloud of anger getting in the way.

Express your love. How often do you say “I love you” to your spouse? In normal times, you might say it on your way out the door in the morning, maybe before you go to bed at night. Get in the habit of saying it whenever the mood strikes you. As you watch your wife or husband tucking talking to your kids, say, “I love you.” If you see them staring off into space, give them a hug.

Don’t Just Say It, Show It

Love isn’t always words, sometimes it’s actions. It can be reaching out for their hand. Bringing them coffee while they work, or saying, I’ll take the kids out into the yard for a while while you read or take a bath.

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Count your blessings. Yes, even in the midst of trial and tribulation, God is blessing us. Every day is a new day. Praise the Lord for your health and the health of your family. Praise the Lord that you have a roof over your head, and food on your table. Praise the Lord that we live in a time of miracles. We can stay connected with loved ones around the world, hear their voices, and see their faces.

We live in a time when we have access to our doctors at any time. We have access to the best medicine, whether it’s online prescriptions for everyday things, or treatment if we get sick. The Lord is performing miracles every day if you just look for them. Waking up each morning is a miracle. Appreciate it, and praise the Lord.

And remember, none of this should stop when things go back to normal. Say I love you more, perform little acts of service and comfort all the time, pray and worship the Lord together!